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Welcome to Bickle Racing.

Please look through our new web site. Should you have any problems contact me direct,

We appreciate your help in making our site better. We apologize if we have any bumps in the road but we're working on it.

2017 is a great year for us with supported riders like Bobby Fong in Moto America, Kenny Riedmann  ,Ben Young, Bodhi Edie and Thomas Casas in CSBK all making a great showing for us. We are proud to be associated with these great riders.

Bickle Racing has been involved for 23 years. Our product line has been ever expanding with products all riders need at the track. Along with our leather repairs and lettering we now can supply custom t-shirts and much more.

Thank you for giving us a look. I hope we can help you and if you need something you don't see, shoot me an email and we'll see what we can do.

John Bickle


Fairing Rain Plugs

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Seat Foam

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Pro Aluminum rear stand

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Brembo RCS Levers

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Pro-Kangaroo Glove

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