About Us

Welcome to Bickle Racing.

Please look through our new web site. Should you have any problems contact me direct, john@bickleracing.com

We appreciate your help in making our site better. We apologize if we have any bumps in the road but we're working on it.

Now about us,

Bickle Racing evolved in 1994. We have worked hard to fill the voids and the needs of racers and track day riders. John Bickle having raced for over 25 years worked to fill the "need it yesterday" demands of the track.

Bickle Racing is expanding and offering quality products at the best prices available. We've stepped up our leather service to speed up turn around times as well. Also introducing a new graphics department for suit lettering,t shirts,track apparel and vinyl numbers. As well we have increased inventories with our Tire Warmers,levers, rear sets and more.

With over 37 years of being trackside we're passionate at what we do. We're here to help make your track event the best we can!

                                                                                                                 Thanks for giving us a look,                         

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